2KEY Launches on Bitskrix Exchange

2key’s Recent Progress and Some Upcoming News

2key Protocol and SmartLink technology have been developed over the course of 2+ years. With the core technology ready, after deploying the 2key network on the Ethereum main-net earlier this year, we are now able to release new SmartLink products faster than ever.

2key network first products; 2key Contract for Token sale, and 2key contract for crowdfunding donations have been deployed earlier this year on the Ethereum main-net and hosted 25+ live campaigns to date.

2key’s flagship, biggest product – turn any HTTP link to a SmartLink that can track, incentivize and reward people for sharing it, based on a pay-per-click model (or just tracking with no reward). Smartlinks use 2key Protocol’s latest version and will be launched on the Ethereum main-net right after the token listing!  

Over 45 companies from the crypto space have already signed up to be launch partners and will be using SmartLinks as soon as it is operational, creating organic demand and cash flow for 2KEY tokens from day one.

you can check their website at  https://www.2key.network/

Start price is  0.03 USD
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