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What is an

IEO stands for Initial Exchange Offering and it’s the essential start to any successful cryptocurrency launch. Using the Bitskrix Launcher, your coin is listed on a trusted and secure exchange with high volume trading and liquidity.

As the administrator of your digital token sale, we’ll take care of everything so you can concentrate on the development of your project.

IEO – First off we´ll provide the ideal environment for the listing and promotion of your coin. The application process is simple and straightforward so that your coin can be listed and brought to market in the shortest possible time. Our platform is easy to use and your coin will be in the spotlight from day one.

IEO + Marketing

Social Media Marketing

You´ll be strategically promoted on all major social media hubs.

PR and Email Marketing

The creation of positive and impactful news articles will create awareness and drive traffic and investors to your project.

Reputation Management

Through continued engagement with online crypto communities, we´ll fight the FUD and ensure the ongoing and positive reception of your project.


IEO + Marketing

Sports Marketing

The global sports sponsorship market is estimated to be worth $55 billion, and more and more blockchain projects are aligning themselves with a sporting property. Through brand association with premier football teams, various sports leagues and Formula 1, crypto can reach a vast and targeted audience.
If you would like to explore sports advertising and sponsorship opportunities, don´t hesitate to reach out to us.

Radio advertising

How can you transmit the essential elements and core advantages of your project to an enormous audience? How about a national radio campaign?

We´ll help you produce the perfect radio advert, and through our national media partners, your platform´s message will reach a huge listenership.

Influencer Marketing

As the cryptoverse grows the importance of influencers cannot be denied. We work with a raft of respected and trusted experts who will understand your coin and give a fair and meaningful presentation of your project.

Video marketing

We´ll create beautiful and dynamic video presentations to show your project in the best possible light.

Management of your Pay Per Click campaign.

We can save you even more time with our ppc experts to get impressive and measurable results.

But marketing your project doesn´t have to end with the conclusion of your IEO. And it shouldn´t.

Get in touch with us today and we´ll work with you to develop the ideal ongoing marketing campaign.


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