Scallop Coin Launches on Bitskrix Exchange

Scallop provide a one stop application for both cryptocurrency trading and banking services
The Scallop coin (SPC) is a native coin of the ScallopX platform that empowers the ScallopX Ecosystem and has multiple uses. It acts as a stake to open a banks account, allows for the payment of transaction fees and can be used for receiving trading bonuses and much more.
ScallopX solves many of the problems that Cryptocurrency users have been facing when it comes to finding a robust and flexible environment for trading and business.
Scallop’s aim is to make digital currency usage easy for users which they are unable to do with products on offer from rival providers.

you can check their website at

Start price is  0.5 USD
Start trading with SPC/USD here   Scallop/USD
Start trading with SPC/BTC here   Scallop/BTC