Customer Asset Protection

An extensive cybersecurity framework is implemented to ensure that strict measures and practices are in place to protect client assets against any eventuality or threat. Some of our security tools and measures:

  • Periodical stress tests and security audits to keep up to date with new potential vulnerabilities.
  • 2FA to ensure account security and prevent any unauthorized access to users’ accounts.
  • Encrypted SSL to encrypt and secure our website’s traffic.
  • All passwords are cryptographically hashed while all other sensitive data is encrypted.

Please note, for security reasons, we cannot disclose all details of the security measures implemented on the platform.

Wallet Security

Our system has been built such that no single person, vault location or device failure could compromise the integrity of user funds.

All assets on Bitskrix are stored in multi-signature cold wallets only. All Bitskrix addresses are multi-signature, and all storage is kept offline. This means, even in the event of a system compromise, an attacker still will not have full access to all the required keys to steal funds.

All funds held in hot wallets are corporate funds and leverage HSM (hardware security modules) and multi-signature key-generation technologies. Those funds are primarily used to ensure smooth day-to-day withdrawal requests from our customers.

Withdrawal Policy

Every withdrawal is manually audited before sending and requires the coordinated actions of multiple Bitskrix employees. No private key is kept on any cloud server.

All deposit addresses sent by the Bitskrix system are verified by an external service to ensure that they contain the keys that the founders control. If the public keys do not match, the system is immediately shut down, and trading is stopped.

Reporting Security Issues

You can report any issue at